Info N# 8 - July 2011

Crédit Photo @ Desertrun

The words of René METGE...

Before the final reconnaissance, René Metge gives us an outline of
the route for the Africa Eco Race 2012:

"Planning the route for the Africa Eco Race is a long-term exercise. We started working on it from January, just after the end of the third edition, taking into account comments from competitors about what can be improved.
The hardest thing about defining the course is the constant search to find the right balance on each stage, providing tracks that are interesting for the drivers yet with enough ‘good’ challenges for the navigators.
In Morocco, it is never easy to find a new route, especially when for 15 or 20 years other competitions have passed through. But we looked hard… and we found! We will offer new stages and new challenges ...

Then to the wide open spaces of Mauritania, making the itinerary here is relatively easier as we have many more possible routes to choose. On this type of stage its rather about the balance of the difficulties that lie ahead which we must take into consideration.
As usual, navigation will be a key point and co-drivers will have a leading role in our race.

We will strive, as we have always done, to reduce the mileage of the liaison route and favour the arrivals (and departures) of the timed sections to be at the bivouacs.

At the end of this fourth edition the finish will be, as is tradition, in the Senegalese capital. The Rose Lake is looking forward to seeing us!

The final itinerary will be announced at the end of the latest reconnaissance. A little patience ... but you can be sure that the Africa Eco Race 2012 will seduce you! "

Crédit Photo @Cyril Esquirol

Cyril ESQUIROL: « 450cc or more? I’m still hesitating! »

Cyril Esquirol, Triple World Champion of Enduro is a true legend who also experienced the excitement of races in Africa. Now, recovering from the terrible accident he had on the 2nd of January in South America, Cyril is still hesitating between a "small" and a "big" engine for the Africa Eco Race adventure between Morocco and Senegal.
For this specialist, leaving the possibility for competitors to choose (without restriction) the engine of their motorbike is also a way to reduce costs, without obligation to invest in a new 450 cc class machine.

" The Africa Race is a wonderful event and it's worth to be lived fully. On a sporting point of view, I still hesitate between giving priority to power of a « big » engine or enjoy lightness and maneuverability of a smaller one. Depending on the route, one or the other will have advantages and disadvantages and it’s difficult to make the right choice. I find it clever that competitors can still choose the power of their machine. I know some riders who have "big" bikes but less and less opportunities to enjoy them. It's a pity because most important is to have fun! Racing in Africa, with a 450cc or more, is a guarantee to always have fun ... "

REMINDER: Until 31st of July 2011 you can benefit from preferential rates on your entry. Do not hesitate anymore and head for Dakar!

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